Graphic Design Work

"La La Land"-inspired Designs

I loved the movie "La La Land" - the music, the old Hollywood feel, the whimsical-ness and realness of life in LA. For fun, I wanted to create something that was reminiscent of their movie poster but also included the lyrics from one of the songs "Audition (The Fools Who Dream)".

I created a few versions of this Facebook cover-sized design with lyrics and experimented with different fonts/styles. It was simple and fun to practice making a starry night and a beautiful city. Everything was created by me in Adobe Illustrator.

alphabet poster
Alphabet Poster

We were tasked to create an alphabet poster with a theme that contained consistent visuals and one typeface. As a life-long Disney fan, I chose to do a poster of Disney attractions - both past and present attractions. The full poster is shown above.

I chose visuals that highlighted a recognizable piece of each attraction. I also made sure to include the attractions that I loved the most - such as those shown to the right. I worked at Walt Disney World for three years, and my first job was in Adventureland/Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom. I think very fondly of the Magic Carpets of Aladdin, Jungle Cruise, and The Enchanted Tiki Room.

alphabet poster
Data Visualization

For Personal Informatics Design class, we were asked to collect data about ourselves and visualize it in a unique way. I own a lot of running shoes, because I love to run + I love running shoes. I realized that even after I wear out a pair, I save them, and I used them to represent the number of steps I took each day for a week.

running data

In the picture to the left, each shoe represents 1000 steps taken per day. I took photos of each collection of shoes for each day, then edited the photos in Photoshop. I should probably look into recycling some of my shoes.

Knowmadika Website Design

We were given a design brief about a fictional company called Knowmadika, an iPhone application designed to facilitate inquiry-based learning and engagement among students in a museum by guiding and enabling active interactions and investigations with exhibits. Knowmadika incorporates “scaffolding features”, such as guiding prompts and tools, that aim to support and motivate students to mindfully collect, share and organize data and information in the museum while maintaining free-choice to visit exhibits that they find most interesting. Based on this brief, we were to create a full website mockup in Illustrator and Photoshop.

I designed a bright-colored website that was meant to be whimsical and fun, like the iPhone application, and geared toward children. I designed the logo for the website, which was a play on the "tagging" feature of the application. I used a recognizable symbol for a tag attached to the "a"; however, I modified the shape to look like an iPhone since the primary use for Knowmadika was on an iPhone application.

knowmadika logo
Mblem Badges Redesign

Mblem is a badging system at the University of Michigan that showcases undergrad and graduate students' skills and leadership abilities. Mblem requested students to design new badges for categories such as Education Technology, Health Informatics, Management, and Civic Engagement.

I utilized the existing color palette to create two different sets of badges related to the categories above. I wanted to make each badge dynamic enough that even without the badge name, users could understand what the badge was for, but also abstract enough that the badge could be small and readable. I made multiple different iterations of the badges based on feedback.

badges image
badges image

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