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What did I work on?

Most of what I did at The Walt Disney Company for 3 months is covered by an NDA, but I'm happy to discuss further in person! Additionally, the projects I worked on for the short time I was there were not shipped due to changing budgetary and company needs, but they were internal applications for TWDC employees.

What I can say about my time there:

  • I helped out an internal HR team to lead and conduct usability labs to help improve internal web tools for The Walt Disney Company employees who work out of Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. I did the usability tests remotely via webcam and screenshare, which was a challenge - but ultimately successful! I analyzed the qualitative research gathered from those usability labs to present ļ¬ndings and recommendations to stakeholders in the form of a presentation deck with a few mockup examples of how the users envisioned the site.
  • I collaborated with my team to shape information architecture for new employee onboarding solution using interaction maps, site maps, wireframes, heuristic analysis, and extensive user research. A lot of the user research had been completed before I arrived on the team for the onboarding application, but I went through the mounds of data to pull out some key findings. I do have two pictures I can share of my work categorizing and organizing how users understand information we give them during current onboarding processes. Gotta love a wall of post-its! This was taken mid-reorganizing, so it may look messy - but I was attempting to shift and put different items under different pink headings. By the end, it was an organized beauty! I apologize that they cannot be shown bigger, but it gives the general idea of the process of organizing and reorganizing based on data.
  • I created a massive site/interaction map for the current Disney intranet called The Hub, which my team was in the process of redesigning. It was a large undertaking - finding broken links, finding duplicate links, and figuring out how to present that all on one page in a digestible manner. I heard recently - one year later! - that it is STILL what they reference during the redesign on multiple collaborating teams.
postit notes on a wall
postit notes on a wall

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